Each of us has a story.
What do you want yours
to say

At Synapse, we like people who want to write their own story, not be handed someone else’s idea. We want to work with those kinds of people—the creative, the passionate, the problem solvers—so that’s what we look for in prospective employees.

And in us, prospective employees find a unique work experience. We have a small company feel—an open door policy with access to all levels, the freedom to express one’s ideas and opinions, and a sense of humor (we don’t take ourselves too seriously and love a good practical joke)—with big company resources—exposure to a range of industries and talented individuals, ability to network and move throughout the Meredith Corporation businesses, and great benefits.


"Synapse is a unique and special place to work. The people here truly believe in a team effort, where flawless execution and overcoming obstacles can only be achieved when everyone rallies together to accomplish a goal. That, along with an entrepreneurial spirit, contribute to a culture that makes you want to come to work every day, collaborating, innovating, and just having fun." Peter SVP, Finance
"During my time at Synapse, I have enjoyed leading a dedicated team of professionals that consistently solve business and operational puzzles with technical solutions. With each project, I am presented with increasing challenges that force me to think creatively." Melody Application Delivery Manager
"The most amazing thing about Synapse is the culture. Synapse has invested so much in its employees’ growth, both professionally and personally. I also have a lot of opportunities to spend time with my colleagues after work – soccer, softball, kickball, Frisbee, and more. I really feel embraced by the company." Chen Front End Web Developer
"I am proud to work at Synapse as I feel a daily sense of accomplishment. At Synapse, I’m given the tools and resources I need to move the business forward, work on long-term projects, and explore opportunities that require curiosity, cross-functional work groups, and an open mind. The work-life balance and overall appreciation of families is something I’m grateful for." Jessica Director, Loyalty Partnerships
"I have worked my entire career at Synapse. This company has offered me so many opportunities for growth. When asked what I like best about the company, or why I’ve stayed as long as I have, my answer is always the same: the people are what make this company great. It is a pleasure to come to work every day when you’re surrounded by intelligent, motivated, creative people." Judy Executive Director, Publisher Relations & Operations
"I’m so happy to have joined Synapse right out of college. From working with such bright and talented people, to attending professional workshops, to having the opportunity to interact one-on-one with clients, I am learning and having fun every day. I definitely made the right choice by starting my career here." Elizabeth Financial Analyst