beyond the page

Food & Wine Grow For Good

The power of a magazine brand goes far beyond the written pages.

FOOD & WINE is the latest magazine to prove just how powerful a brand it can be. Many may recognize the magazine as the sponsor of the Food & Wine Classic held in Aspen, CO each year. Or perhaps they recognize the partnership between the magazine and Bravo television hit, Top Chef. Its pages feature recipes, cooking tips, travel information, wine pairings, and much more. At Synapse, we’re proud to offer the title in many of our programs.

Beyond these two examples, FOOD & WINE should be recognized for its partnership with Pure Leaf Iced Tea to promote the Grow for Good campaign to benefit Wholesome Wave. This unique partnership brings together two widely known brands, FOOD & WINE and Pure Leaf (owned by Pepsi Co.), and a third non-profit organization, Wholesome Wave. According to a Reuters article, the Grow for Good platform is “a national campaign to raise public awareness and support for charitable initiatives aimed at increasing consumer access to locally and sustainably grown foods.”

The Time Inc. magazine is using its brand power and various media properties to promote a charitable cause that encourages individuals to support locally grown, healthy foods. The campaign beneficiary, Wholesome Wave, aims to implement programs that increase affordability and access to these foods for consumers in underserved communities.

The pairing of the three organizations is in perfect harmony and a great example of a how a magazine can expand its reach even further.