feast your eyes on the holiday spread

Thankingsgiving dinner spread

A glistening, freshly roasted turkey; honey glazed acorn squash garnished with bright red pomegranate seeds; a fluffy white mound of mashed potatoes speckled with vibrant green chives; a perfect pecan pie decorated with drizzled caramel. Hungry yet?

Well I know our mouths are watering.

The October-November-December issues of magazines are taking full advantage of imagery to arouse our taste buds. The photo spread in the November Real Simple is simply divine, displaying a beautifully decorated holiday dinner table, complete with entree, sides, and dessert (see: pecan pie description above). Then there’s the Cooking Light photo shoot that documents what an “adventurous” Thanksgiving dinner table would look like – capitalizing on the vibrant fall colors and unique table accents.

Seems hard to resist cooking an amazing feast for the upcoming holidays, but can we make it look as good as they do? That’s why we love magazines, though – they show us the possibilities and they open our minds to see things in a way we’ve never seen them before. With step-by-step directions, we’re confident we can host a great holiday. We also appreciate the tips on how to deal with *ahem* challenging family members.

Plus, if you do go ahead and have a nice hearty meal, there’s always the Cooking Light Diet app for purchase…just saying.