giving the gift of words

Bilbo making a face

As the holiday season begins, I realize I need to start practicing my “gift-receiving face.” You know, the face you’re expected to show after you’ve just opened a gift – from a lovely bottle of perfume to a cat & dog patterned laundry bag with wheels. Yep…I’ve been there.

Gift-giving (and receiving) is a tough task. But luckily, it can be easy for both parties involved. Magazine subscriptions are a great way to show the gift-recipient that you know them on a more personal level. With thousands of magazine brands to choose from, you can make the proper selection for just about any hobby, interest, or passion. Have an uncle who wears a mean pair of wading pants and loves fly fishing? This Is Fly, Fly Fisherman, The Drake, and Northwest Fly Fishing are just a few titles that I’m sure he’d love. Or maybe your fashion-savvy friend is in need of some new inspiration for the new year. Look no further than Instyle or PEOPLE StyleWatch and many more.

The beauty of a magazine subscription is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving (the length of which will depend on how much you’re planning to spend on the gift recipient). There are few things more exciting than checking the mailbox to find a crisp new issue of your favorite magazine. And just think – you have the power to be responsible for that excitement.

For me, Entertainment Weekly would ensure a happy “gift-receiving face.