print-eractive advertising

Motorola advertisement with LED lights

Magazine ad revenue is expected to reach $18.6 billion by the end of 2013. Which begs the question, how do brands set themselves apart in such a large industry?

Motorola has an answer. If you pick up an issue of the January 2014 Wired magazine, you will find a delightful surprise. The Moto X, a new phone released by Motorola in August, is letting you customize your very own model right in the pages of the magazine. Nestled in one thick page of the issue is an advertisement with LED lights, membrane buttons, and an ultra-thin battery. By pushing one of the buttons on the page, you can change the color of your phone – blue, green, black, and more! Motorola posted a YouTube video on its channel that shows the genius behind the interactive ad.

The brand is still seeking out traditional advertising mediums (outdoor, regular print, etc.). However, this new ad will look to reach a different audience by bridging the gap between the declining print advertising industry and the growing digital advertising industry.

So, anyone in the market for a new phone?