real simple + cuyana = an easy match

Real Simple magazine and Cuyana website

Why does the concept of simplifying seem so difficult?

Real Simple magazine and online retailer Cuyana seem to have it down pat – which is why a partnership between the two makes complete sense.

Real Simple, a Time Inc. magazine best known for its clean and uncluttered presentation of home and lifestyle articles and  photos, is looking forward to launching a co-branded fashion collection with the online retailer. Beginning on May 15th, a carefully curated sample of clothing and accessories will be available to the general public through Cuyana’s website.

The online retailer has generated buzz recently in Silicon Valley with its “Lean Closet” movement that aims to teach individuals how to simplify their closets and give back in the process. When you make a purchase through their website, Cuyana will send you a bag to fill with clothing items you no longer need – a benefit to both your precious closet space as well as the non-profits who will receive the goods. Cuyana’s philosophy centers on beauty, intentional buying, spending wisely, and simplicity. The last pillar being the one that led to a partnership with Real Simple.

The magazine has already begun to penetrate the Cuyana website with a guest appearance from editor Krissy Tiglias who contributed to the Lean Movement Series. We look forward to seeing what items Real Simple will co-create with this innovative online retailer.

And now, to tackle our closets…