SBT LogoStop, Breathe & Think (SBT) is an award-winning mindfulness app that draws on science-based techniques to help people find peace of mind and build emotional strength.

SBT is unique within the mindfulness space offering unmatched personalization including:

Emotional Check-Ins

Users complete regular emotional check-ins and are recommended mindfulness activities tuned to those emotions.

Expert Driven Multi-Day Programs

Extended mindfulness journeys tackle the issues that challenge people most, such as anxiety, sleep, stress or focus.

Specialized Content for Families & Children

Activities for teachers and children like guided audio tracks and animated games help classrooms and families practice mindfulness together.

Multi-Platform Distribution

SBT partners with Amazon Alexa, Snapchat and Hulu to make it even easier to access SBT content and incorporate mindfulness activities in your day.

SBT Logo Partnership Opportunities:


Increase employee productivity and focus with SBT. This powerful mindfulness resource provides your employees with mental and emotional support and a compelling way to deal with life’s challenges – at work and at home.

Include SBT as part of your comprehensive benefits package or as an added perk.


SBT provides teachers with premium access to over 100 mindfulness activities to create group wellness exercises in the classroom. Just a few minutes of regular practice helps to increase emotional awareness and foster stronger communication skills, which can have a lasting impact on students of all ages.

Custom Programs

Work with SBT wellness experts to create a custom mindfulness program to meet your business’ goals. Whether you’re looking to reward and incentivize loyal customers or learn more about them, SBT custom programs help you deliver the right content to engage your customer base.

Content Licensing

If you’re a mindful business looking to make a positive impact on the lives of your customers, our award-winning mindfulness content can be licensed for your on-demand needs.