Law of Success

With interests in law, teaching, personal development, and so much more, we were thrilled to welcome Maripat Alpuche, partner at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, to Synapse to speak with our Women’s Collective.

Over the course of our time together, Maripat shared stories of career, which is now focused on M&A law, and family. She is whip-smart, hard-working, humble, and personable—a unique blend. We loved hearing about her approaches to growth, learning, and the ubiquitous “b” word: balance. She offered the sage advice of figuring out both whom and how you want to be in each of your roles and then understanding that some areas may suffer while others thrive.

Many of us introverts also appreciated the encouragement to get out there and network with peers, those in your industry, and more. We saw many knowing smiles in the group. Now, why is networking so darn hard?!

Thanks Maripat! You offered us great advice and inspiration.