Synapse creates integrated subscription solutions that introduces relevant products and services to highly targeted audiences.  As a managed service, we do all the work for you, from marketing strategies to customer experience and operations.

Our omnichannel platform includes a variety of solutions to engage and reward your customers:

Each of our fully integrated solutions provides:

Marketing Expertise

Our creative services team is here to create a professional design that aligns with your brand and strategy.

Order Management

Order processing connectivity ensures timely and successful renewal billing regardless of subscription channel.

Customer Engagement

Customers stay well-informed with lifecycle messaging via direct mail, email and text throughout their subscription period.


Customized reporting services ensure timely data and information to inform future decisions.

Customer Service

Our team handles the Customer Service on your behalf, allowing customers to make contact using their preferred method – IVR, live-agent or web self-service.

Benefits Sourcing

Relevant benefit sourcing adds unique and incremental customer value at highly competitive rates.