The Hidden Potential of Store Associates for Your Brand

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As retailers reopen during the back half of 2020, they face the unique challenge of ensuring customers feel comfortable with the return to in-person shopping. Businesses across the board have been forced to reimagine the entire in-store experience to meet social distancing and hygiene standards.

And, while some people are still getting in and out of stores as quickly as possible, there are shoppers who long to linger and feel a relationship with the stores where they shop. For these customers, it is important not to overlook the hidden potential of one of the most important CX elements of in-store shopping: the store associate.

The store associate is the universal human touchpoint of every in-store retail experience. Often serving as the primary team member interacting with customers, they are almost always the last interaction, too. As cashiers become the “face” of the store or brand, with the right attitude and personality, they can help to reassure nervous customers, build your reputation as a safe place to shop and drive additional in-store revenue.

Immediate Impact

There are a few ways that associates can immediately make a difference:

Maximizing Time in Line: The time that a customer spends waiting to check out can be one of the most valuable parts of the entire experience. A store associate can transform this occasional pain point into an opportunity to connect with the customer through conversation and increase average sales volume with special offers and impulse purchases.

Value Adds: A cashier’s ability to upsell is often overlooked. By arming your cashiers with a selection of relevant point-of-sale perks as a thank you for shopping, you can delight customers and leave a lasting impression that builds loyalty over time.

With a combination of connection, courtesy and proactive upselling through point-of-sale offers, associates will quickly prove themselves to be a vital element of success as retail businesses open their doors. As consumers adjust to a new normal, the brands that invest in these key employees will reap the greatest rewards.

Getting Started

A store associate makes a customer feel valued while they shop, but an effective loyalty program keeps them engaged long after they leave the store. Synapse Group is the industry leader in creating custom loyalty rewards for retail programs and other major brands. We specialize in crafting unique, revenue-generating solutions based on the needs and demographic profile of a brand’s customers.

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