Time Inc. thinks global

Ny lon kong TIME coverYou can never dream too big.

Time Inc., the parent company of Synapse Group, Inc., has established a vision statement for the company, “to become the world’s most influential media network by igniting, elevating and fulfilling its passions.” While many words within the statement vie for importance, it’s pretty clear that there’s a special focus: world. Time Inc. International has been re-ignited in an effort to solidify its global presence. This fully-operational arm of Time Inc. has even been referred to as “virtually a start-up,” promising exciting new things for readers abroad.

The mission of Time Inc. International (TII) is “to expand the Time Inc. transformation by extending our reach beyond the US and UK home markets to the other 95% of humankind.” By leveraging the existing iconic brands, Time Inc. plans to reach millions of new eyes through video capabilities and mobile distribution. Brands such as TIME and Fortune are already globally-recognized and offer a strong starting point.

One of the most interesting facts I learned was that TII refers to its various offices as one location – Nylonkong. Sounds like the name of a city in what could be any country across the world. But it’s really a blend of the three critical cities of operation: New York, London, and Hong Kong. The term was coined back in 2008 in an issue of TIME magazine. These cities, in particular, are financial adn cultural hubs – the perfect harmony for bringing TII to life. (A trip to Nylonkong also sounds in order!)

So next time you pick up an issue of Fortune magazine or scroll through a TIME article on your iPad, take a moment to think that you’re sharing that same content with users across the world. Globally awesome.