a lover.ly collaboration

loverly + REALSIMPLE

We’ve loved Real Simple since it came on the scene in 2000, so we were pretty excited to hear about their new collaboration…

With wedding content from prominent bloggers, wedding magazines, and retailers, the website Lover.ly has made quite a splash with women who have weddings on their minds, ranging from brides-to-be to those who c

onsider themselves pre-engaged (that’s a new term, huh?). Surfing the site for just a moment, one can discover the extensive library of color-coordinated photographs, called bundles, used to paint the picture of an ideal wedding. So when Real Simple came to Lover.ly to forge a partnership, it made perfect sense.

The two brands value being unique, clean, and, of course, simple. But this is no ordinary partnership – Real Simple has turned to the wedding start-up to provide some of the content for its brand new wedding channel. In turn, Lover.ly will be able to utilize the Real Simple ad sales group to help sell ads across the properties. The mutually beneficial relationships equals “cross-pollination” at its finest.

You may remember the term “cross-pollination” when studying botany. However, in a new era of discovery, the business world has borrowed the term. This prime example of cross-pollination between Lover.ly and Real Simple and their respective readers is a sign of continued development within the publishing industry. As a company who prides itself on its multichannel marketing programs, we at Synapse can easily recognize the value of a good partnership.

When it comes to supporting this partnership, we say “we do!”