marking the way between digital and print

Print vs. Digital. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and television vs. printed books, magazines, and newspapers. In an age where millennials (often referred to as digital natives since they grew up with technology) spend about

50% of their time with digital media (digital immigrants clocking in at 32%), it is increasingly difficult to keep consumers’ attention on just one type of media.

But it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Thanks to the technology of Digimarc, many print mediums are teaming up with this digital counterpart. Digimarc’s website boasts “The Bridge from Print to Online Doesn’t Have to be Square” and its partnerships thus far are testaments to that notion.

Cooking Light took a major digital leap to start 2013: they used Digimarc to create digital watermarks for every recipe in their January/February issue – 79 in total! By scanning the photo, users were taken to the website where they could then view the full recipe.

Other magazines have seen success with the transition to digital through Digimarc. House Beautiful discovered that 90% of its readers have their phone nearby when reading an issue. To take advantage of this statistic, they turned to the digital watermark company and saw an increase in mobile activation in their September 2012 issue.

Another Time Inc. title, Real Simple, has chosen to get in on the game. This March’s issue of the design-friendly magazine will allow readers to scan images on 9 different pages. One of the pages in the issue is dedicated to walking readers through the Digimarc download experience so that they may fully enjoy this special issue.

These three magazines are only a small sampling of Digimarc’s portfolio. Partnerships like these are only making the reading experience more enjoyable by bringing the content to life.

79 recipes, huh? Looks like we

have a lot of cooking to get to.