adapting to the times

It’s no secret that the future is digital. In a recent record-breaking milestone, Time Inc.’s digital audience reached an all-time high of over 139 million unique visits—a 27% increase from last year (based on comScore’s U.S. multiplatform report for September 2017).

In order to better engage their users in the digital landscape—and provide their advertisers with this opportunity—our parent company launched Adapt Video, a native video advertising unit created in partnership with Google.

Adapt leverages Google’s DoubleClick ad-serving platform to deliver proprietary outstream video ads within Time Inc.’s text-based content. The video ads seamlessly “adapt” to various site layouts, presenting a high-quality, full-width viewing experience across all device types. This is especially important given that mobile users now make up 84% of Time Inc.’s total digital audience.

By choosing an ad tool that allows for more creative control, Time Inc. is able to tailor the videos to their specific brands, making them more meaningful to their audience and providing more value to their advertisers.

At a time when print ad sales are challenged, this launch aspires to offset the decline with an increase in digital advertising revenue. Third quarter results indicate a 2% uptick in digital ad revenue, offering hope that this effort will be an effective part of Time Inc.’s growth strategy in the future.

And we are all for that!