journey to the digital side: a personal story

I’ve been a loyal print magazine reader for as long as I can remember. Gossip magazines for long flights, entertainment magazines to keep up with movies & music, style magazines to remind me of the clothes I’d love to wear but cannot afford – I’ve read ’em all. I’ll tell you what I haven’t read, rather, what I hadn’t read until about a week ago: a digital version of a magazine. After being gifted with an iPad mini, I figured it was high time that I activated one of the many Time Inc. magazines to see what my digital experience would be like. And let me tell you – I was blown away.

digital version of instyle magazine

For those who are weary about transitioning to digital, fear not! The ease of use and simplicity of these apps are what make the experience enjoyable. All of the magazine issues have a page that explains how to use the app and what each of the buttons mean so you won’t be fumbling around. The app provides something the paper versions can’t – interaction and bonus digital content. While reading an article in Entertainment Weekly highlighting songs from movie trailers, I was able to tap on the page and hear the very song they were talking about.

The digital versions of the magazines even have bonus material such as the Cooking Light bonus tablet recipes. Having the recipe at my fingertips was as simple as clicking on the picture of the item I wanted to recreate.

I’ve only just begun my digital journey, but I can tell it will be one that is ongoing and ever-changing. Now, onto those red velvet cupcakes…