the power of print

2016 certainly has kept writers and researchers and editors and photographers busy. For those of us committed to staying informed and entertained, it’s been a busy time for us as well. As any good magazine or newspaper subscriber can attest, there is often a pile of gold in paper (or digital) form just waiting for our attention.

Trump Meltdown.Now more than ever, it feels imperative that we support quality journalism in all its forms. At Synapse Group, Inc., we have loved the reporting from TIME magazine and their arresting covers. They recently received accolades on Adweek’s Hot List 2016 for their cover featuring an illustration of Donald Trump’s face melting with the title, “Meltdown.” (President-elect Trump was also just named as the 2016 TIME Person of the year.) Whatever side you come down on, it would be hard to argue with the power of that imagery.

Words and stories may often be what we seek, but sometimes a photograph captures what words cannot. From the editors of TIME comes 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All TimeIt was so popular, it sold out on Amazon! (We’re hoping it restocks soon since it would make a great holiday gift.) The images are iconic – some are said to have changed the way we view the world. Good journalism gets us thinking and talking and maybe even motivates us to work for whatever change we’d like to see.

Real Simple's Breathe page
And while these stories and images are challenging us to look at our views and our connected humanity, it is also helpful to have a few outlets to let us escape. We particularly like Real Simple‘s Breathe page. Each month offers a simple technique for centering and relaxation. We could all probably use a little more of that – especially during this time of year.

So, thank you journalists for your commitment this year and always. We might be a little biased, but we love the work you produce and will keep supporting your endeavors.