time to get Cozi

Cozi digital app

Current status:

  • Desktop calendar to keep track of social engagements
  • Hanging calendar to keep track of birthdays/weekday activities
  • Outlook calendar to keep track of work meetings
  • Google calendar to keep track of whatever events my friend Nicole invites me to
  • iPhone Notes to keep track of shopping lists – groceries, clothing, etc.
  • Post-Its to keep track of most of the above once I’ve inevitably forgotten something

But in reality, my current status could be:

  • Cozi

Cozi is the digital app that allows users to keep track of the chaos that is everyday life. Yes, even the Type A personalities out there can use a little organizational help (myself included). The app tracks the schedules and activities of family members, lets you create and share shopping lists, and provides general structure to what could be a stressful aspect of your life.

Synapse’s parent company, Time Inc., recently acquired Cozi and the userbase has grown to 15MM. Its user-friendly interface and accessibility makes this app a fan favorite. The digital platform shares content from popular magazine brands on a variety of topics that families will love: DIY, food, kids, & more!

What’s even better – the app is free to use! So what’s stopping you from organizing your life right now?

Current status: I’m on it.