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So I was watching the news this morning and caught a segment on the rise of YouTube personality, Michelle Phan. Her specialty? Beauty & fashion. Her net worth? Oh, somewhere around $84 million! I was speechless. So I checked out her YouTube channel and found that Michelle Phan has over 7 million subscribers and over a billion video views. Impressed doesn’t even begin to describe it. She was able to take her passion and transform it into a multi-million dollar career.

Why am I so hung up on it? The power of social media and the internet is sometimes hard to grasp. Which is why it should come as no surprise that Time Inc. recently decided to launch its own social stream for the beauty-obsessed: MIMI. The parent company to a host of fashion and beauty titles (InStyle and PEOPLE StyleWatch just to name a few) is looking to capitalize on this new trend.

But MIMI is more than a social media site. It gathers content from MIMI writers, Time Inc. beauty editors, influential bloggers, and consumers to bring visitors the most trend-worthy topics and products. Interested in the makeup done for a recent blockbuster? They’ve got it. Or maybe you’re wondering if you, too, can benefit from the dry conditioner fad. Look no further. Their content is real, it’s inspired, and it’s on point.

As a reader, you can contribute to MIMI and share your latest beauty tips and fashion tricks. We’re not guaranteeing you the fame and fortune of Michelle Phan, but your voice will certainly be heard!