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Few things in life are open to all. Sure, we’ve got free concerts on the green – just be prepared to stand at the very back, peering around that 7 foot man (why must there always be one of these?). Or the local food truck festival – lines on lines on lines in the sweltering heat where everyone complains about how hungry they are (let’s just chalk it up to the fact that we’re all equally hungry). Always good intentions, but execution sometimes falls short.

Time Inc. found a way to make something open to all and user-friendly. Open the Experience is the media network’s newest advertising campaign that showcases how Time Inc. can create “the most unique and relevant combinations of content, services and platforms, around and across passions,” explained Chairman and CEO Joe Ripp.

The campaign launched with a minute-long video dubbed the “Power of Passion,” and I was left wanting more. The campaign’s homepage is colorful, artistic, and just vague enough that I clicked my way through it all. I “opened the experience” on MMA (mixed martial arts) and was brought to a page that showed me various articles to read and videos to watch – a Sports Illustrated interview with MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, an article on boxing tips from Health, and more. What’s great about the campaign is that it highlights what Time Inc. specializes in: media across all platforms on the topics we love.

So though it’s been said before, this time, it really is open to all.