We read a lot. We consume large amounts of media. And we love our customers and partners. So, we thought, why not start a blog as a means to connect with customers and partners on a more personal level? Hope you enjoy it!


get curious

We just came off of 30 days of encouraging curiosity in the workplace and in life in general and something interesting occurred. Instead of being satiated by what we learned, we are even more curious… Read More

feeding the demand

The latest addition to Time Inc.’s portfolio is causing mouths to water. Well Done, a social-only food brand, debuted in early March on the MyRecipes site and Facebook page, and with its own Instagram account. The… Read More

words to live by

Last year, Time Inc. launched Motto, a platform designed to empower millennial women. The site aims to inspire the next generation with advice about work, life, and play – a fitting addition to Time Inc.’s… Read More

the power of print

2016 certainly has kept writers and researchers and editors and photographers busy. For those of us committed to staying informed and entertained, it’s been a busy time for us as well. As any good magazine… Read More

welcome, roger!

Synapse Group, Inc. is proud to welcome Roger Neal on board as our new VP of Business Development. Roger comes to us with a background focused in media. Most recently, Roger led his own consultancy… Read More

lost and Foundry in Industry City

Okay, so we didn’t get lost. But it sure seemed like we traveled over and under many bridges and stumbled upon something amazing when we arrived at The Foundry in Industry City. One of Time… Read More

get real.

Virtual Reality (VR, as the kids are calling it) is the latest buzzword making headlines in the media industry. The technology that was once reserved for science fiction movie plots and flight simulations is now… Read More

so, what’s new?

The transition from static images to video is upon us – makeup tutorials, high-speed dinner recipes, musical snippets. There’s no doubt we’ve all paused on our social media pages to watch one of these bite-size… Read More

snaps to that!

Who would’ve thought a little yellow ghost would be so visible? With roughly 8 billion views a day, Snapchat now matches Facebook in video traffic. While many of those views might be eight-second video “stories”… Read More

say cheese!

Birmingham, Alabama: the Magic City, the Pittsburgh of the South, the largest city in Alabama, and Home to the Time Inc. Food Studios. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend a client meeting… Read More