time to get Cozi

Current status: Desktop calendar to keep track of social engagements Hanging calendar to keep track of birthdays/weekday activities Outlook calendar to keep track of work meetings Google calendar to keep track of whatever events my… Read More

giving them 20

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Uncle Ben from the movie┬áSpiderman Time Inc. is responsible. Socially responsible, that is. (I know you were probably wondering where we were going with that quote…) Henry Luce, founder… Read More

open the experience

Few things in life are open to all. Sure, we’ve got free concerts on the green – just be prepared to stand at the very back, peering around that 7 foot man (why must there… Read More

steppin’ to the fan side

You may have heard of the Dawg Pound or maybe even the Bleacher Creatures. These playful nicknames refer to the fans at sporting events – the loyalist ones of all. So if you’ve heard of… Read More

the influence of TIME

Titans. Pioneers. Artists. Leaders. Icons. Though it sounds like words used to describe periods in history, it is in fact a list of categories within TIME’s 100 Most Influential People list. You’ve probably heard of… Read More

join the (MIMI) chatter

So I was watching the news this morning and caught a segment on the rise of YouTube personality, Michelle Phan. Her specialty? Beauty & fashion. Her net worth? Oh, somewhere around $84 million! I was… Read More

from newsstands to fingertips

The Oscars, New York Fashion Week, Groundhog Day – all signs that spring is near! Though with the winter we’ve been having, it’s hard to imagine when I’ll be able to wear shorts again. But… Read More

warm up your winter months

The winter blues. I’ve got ’em, you might have ’em – it’s hard to fight them. The quick fix would be taking a trip to some warm, exotic location. Unfortunately, trips like these come with… Read More

giving the gift of words

As the holiday season begins, I realize I need to start practicing my “gift-receiving face.” You know, the face you’re expected to show after you’ve just opened a gift – from a lovely bottle of… Read More

unlocking the vault

Who could forget the iconic TIME magazine issues over the past 90 years? Well, in case you have, you’re in luck! This month, TIME unveiled The Vault, an archive of more than 4,500 issues of… Read More